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Our Story.

Sinai International Company for Mining is one of the companies subject to the Investment Law No. 8 of 1997, the first company established in the field of mining in Egypt to meet all the needs of companies that work in the field of glass and crystal production and ceramic factories of mining materials in accordance with international standards

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Our Quarries , Mines and Facilities
Silica Sand

Quarries and mines are located in South Sinai – Egypt and with good qualities with reserves assured around 3 million tons of various types


We own 2 mines with reserves assured 1 million tons with possibility to reach 5 million tons.

Lime Stone

Quarries owned by the company are located in upper Egypt with reserves around 4 million tons our production reaches 500.000 tons/year from various types of raw materials for export and local purposes


Our quarries in El Zaafarana (Red Sea), and South Sinai, the production capacity is around 100000 tons/year


On the other hand. The company owns here facilities in Damietta port for export purposes . a covered store house with capacity 30000 tons of raw materials had been built on the port pavement which facilitates the exporting purpose beside the company owns her self charging equipment’s including truck loaders heavy truck. Belt conveyors and lifting equipment’s needed for charging and discharging the materials to and from the shipment boards.

Our Fleet of trucks

Also, the company owns her fleet of trucks needed for transportation from the mines to Damietta port or ever to the local customers in Egypt which covers our customers needs.