Across countries, across town.

Trucks can go almost everywhere. Large or small, they are the most important way that we move goods.

Almost everything in our homes or offices has, at one point of its production or distribution, been on a truck.

When you need it on time, done right, or delivered safely, trust Sinai international. We have the experience, resources, and capacity to solve your transportation and logistics challenges.

Sinai international Trucking is dedicated to operating its fleet in a safe and efficient manner beyond industry standards. We are hyper-focused on the latest safety technology, training our employees and maintaining our equipment–allowing Sinai international Trucking to be a leader in safety in our industry. We are proud of the contribution we make in an effort to make our roads safe for our drivers and the general motoring public.


The company owns a fleet of trucks for land transport to transport the raw materials to Damietta port in addition to another transport fleet for the local market